About the Lab

As a part of the University of Pennsylvania’s Microbiology Department, the Cherry Lab is interested in genetic and mechanistic studies of viral-host interactions. The Lab performs a wide array of cell-based screens in insect and human cells using emerging arboviruses, including chikungunya and zika virus.Our team also studies intestinal infection in Drosophila, where the role of the microbiota in protection from enteric arboviral infections is dissected. Projects include understanding how dysbiosis impacts susceptibility and discovering the bacterial products that impact infection.Human cells are used to dissect the mechanisms involved in viral RNA recognition and RNA decay, and the mechanisms by which nutrient signaling and autophagy impact viral infection. Our students are encouraged to explore additional projects in the areas of viral-host interactions and innate immunity.

Members of the Cherry Lab recently had their paper published, “Sirtuin Inhibitors Are Broadly Antiviral against Aroboviruses.” To read this paper, please click on the on the tab listed under “publications.”
Congratulations to Post-Doc, Yuan Liu who has received a full-time Academic job position in China! 

Members of the Cherry Lab had the following paper published in March,”Identification of antiviral roles for the exon-junction complex and nonsense-mediated decay in flaviviral infection.” To read this paper, please click on the tab listed under “publications.”